reliability & integrity management

Reliability & Integrity Management

Improving asset reliability and integrity is crucial for achieving top performance and maximizing output. Maintaining a solid maintenance plan can reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime. Compliance with regulations is also essential to maintain a license to operate.

Turbomachinery Solutions LLC provides services to support companies in improving asset performance and optimizing costs while reducing the likelihood of asset failure and controlling related purchase costs. Our expertise in asset integrity and reliability ensures that equipment and systems are reliable throughout their life, and we offer an asset integrity program to support asset management.

Our asset integrity management approach incorporates reliability and maintenance strategies such as reliability-centered maintenance, mean time between failures analysis, and risk analysis to increase operational efficiency. We understand the importance of asset management and asset integrity and how they impact overall performance. Our team stays up-to-date with international regulations and standards on rotational equipment and accompanies organizations to follow these changes.

Asset management and reliability management are often confused, but the difference lies in the approach. Asset management focuses on managing assets throughout their lifecycle, including procurement, installation, and decommissioning. Reliability management, on the other hand, focuses on ensuring that assets perform reliably and meet the intended purpose.

At Turbomachinery Solutions LLC, we specialize in both asset management and reliability management, offering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our services help companies achieve top performance while maintaining compliance with regulations and minimizing maintenance costs.

Statistics and data analysis support Reliability & Integrity Management.

Setting up a system of data capture and analysis in spreadsheets or by using specific reliability software is therefore essential.

We handle the most commonly used reliability software tools and support clients in choosing and implementing the right tool for their organization.

Our services include:

  • We support you in setting up maintenance plans through the best use of methods and tools

  • Our people, through statistics and data analysis, determine asset failures and the optimum replacement level

  • Our technicians have high skills in implementing and using reliable software tools to ensure the best and most efficient use in each client situation.

  • We have the know-how on international regulations and standards regarding technical installations.

  • Cost and safety performance is the basement of our risk management system in all our decisions.


  • Maximizing the output of the installation

  • Reducing costs.

  • Achieving installation integrity & compliance

  • Improving Safety, Health, and Environmental performance

  • Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Extending installation lifetime

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