Vibration Analisys

Vibration Analysis

At Turbomachinery Solutions LLC, our staff members have over 20 years of experience conducting vibration analysis and troubleshooting on every type of machinery.

Industry experts turn to us when they are unable to solve machinery problems because we have the experience and technology to diagnose and solve any issues accurately.

Conducting vibration analysis requires tremendous skill and knowledge that comes only with years of job experience.

Mechanical vibration provides invaluable information on the health of your rotating equipment, including the vibration spectrum, the frequency spectrum, the time waveform, and the velocity and acceleration.

Our specialized vibration analysis equipment and diagnostic techniques can detect problems and predict issues well before breakdown, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs.

At Turbomachinery Solutions LLC, we perform vibrational analysis in applications such as machinery start-up/acceptance testing, instant machinery fault diagnostics, and routine periodic condition monitoring.

We also offer continuous vibration monitoring systems to ensure that your equipment stays in good condition.

Our vibration analysis tools include the fast Fourier transform (FFT) and root mean square (RMS) value, which assigns different importance to each parameter.

The most important parameter is the destructive force that causes imbalance, bearing failures, mechanical looseness, misalignment, resonance, and natural frequencies.

We also offer modal analysis to accurately determine the operating deflection shapes and critical speeds of pumps and other rotating equipment.

Our team is trained in vibration analysis techniques and offers continuing education units to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

We use sensors to measure vibration levels and frequencies and have real-world applications to diagnose and solve machinery problems accurately.

Route Collection

Obtain confidence in your machinery’s reliability through our periodic route collection.

Our personnel can periodically conduct vibration surveys on your equipment to identify maintenance problems before failure.

We can use vibration analysis equipment to analyze the data on the spot, providing your maintenance team with immediate feedback on recent repairs.

Our software trends the data from the survey to survey, notifying us of changes in specific vibration characteristics.

As the machinery condition degrades, we present options so you can resolve the problem when it best meets your schedule.

Vibration analysis allows you to resolve your machinery issues before they become problems proactively.

Vibration Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance get started and learn more about how predictive maintenance can revolutionize your business.

Predictive maintenance utilizes a continuous or periodic vibration monitoring plan to predict mechanical problems on rotating machines accurately.

Our team uses the latest technology, computer analysis, and trends to identify specific faults before a breakdown, enabling the convenience of scheduled repairs.

Predictive Maintenance Advantages

  • Diminish large-scale repairs/costly damage

  • Increase operational uptime/revenue

  • Reduce operational and labour costs

  • Accurately identify equipment problems

  • Economically scheduled maintenance efforts

  • Improve equipment reliability

We can design a vibration monitoring plan to help you maximize production and profits by significantly reducing machinery downtime and operational costs.

Knowing how vibration can affect your machinery is an essential step to avoid problems and stop the quick-fix approach to maintenance.

This puts the longevity of your machinery front and centre while increasing productivity and preventing significant downtime from unplanned and unforeseen repairs.

Furthermore, when used in conjunction with oil analysis, infrared thermography, and ultrasonic testing, condition monitoring and vibration analysis can identify existing problems and accurately forecast future ones.

Our tailor-made vibration monitoring plans include comprehensive reports and detailed analyses with simple recommendations for correcting problems before failure occurs.


  • Reduce major faults and machinery downtime

  • Correct problems before they become failures

  • Avoid temporary repairs and quick fixes

  •  Lower operational costs

  • Switch to proactive maintenance

A proactive maintenance program improves productivity and reduces downtime.

Equipment problems are prioritized and conveniently resolved around production and employee scheduling.

When initiating a vibration monitoring plan, immediate results can reveal numerous equipment faults to the customer.

As problems are resolved, major faults wane, turning a customer’s condition monitoring and vibration analysis program from reactive to proactive.


Choose Turbomachinery Solutions LLC for all your vibration analysis needs. Contact us to quickly resolve your machinery problems and put you back on the path to profitability. All rights reserved.

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