FSR in gas turbine maintenance 2023

Outsourced maintenance
Table of Content
  1. Field Service Representatives (FSRs)
  2. On-site support for costumers
  3. Preventive maintenance
  4. Emergency repairs
  5. Commissioning
  6. Summary

Field Service Representatives (FSRs)

Play a critical role in the maintenance and repair of turbines. These professionals ensure that turbines run safely and efficiently, even troubleshooting and resolving any issues.

 In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the role of FSRs in turbine maintenance and their key responsibilities.

On-site support for costumers

The primary role of FSRs is to provide on-site support for customers with turbine systems. They typically include routine inspections and maintenance, troubleshooting issues, and repairs. FSRs are often the first point of contact for customers when there are problems with their turbine systems, so they must diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Preventive maintenance

One of the critical responsibilities of FSRs is to perform preventative maintenance on turbines. They make routine inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs or adjustments. Preventive maintenance is crucial because it helps identify and address potential issues before they lead to equipment failure and can also help extend the turbine’s lifespan. Performing preventative maintenance regularly, FSRs can minimize the risk of equipment failure and ensure that the turbine runs at optimal performance levels.

Emergency repairs

Another essential responsibility of FSRs is to respond to emergency repairs. In response to unexpected equipment failure or breakdown, they typically perform repairs. In many cases, emergency repairs are necessary to get a turbine back up and running as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and lost production. FSRs need to be able to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs to get the turbine back online.


FSRs also play a critical role in the commissioning of new turbine systems. Commissioning is the process of ensuring that a new turbine is installed and configured correctly and that it is operating safely and efficiently. FSRs are responsible for performing tests and checks on the turbine and making necessary adjustments to ensure it runs at optimal performance levels. They include verifying that the turbine complies with industry standards and regulations and that all safety systems are functioning correctly.

In addition, FSRs may also be responsible for training customers on how to operate and maintain their turbine systems. They provide instructions on performing basic maintenance tasks and coaching on troubleshooting and resolving issues that may arise.


Field Service Representatives play a critical role in the maintenance and repair of turbines. They are responsible for providing on-site support, performing preventative maintenance, responding to emergency repairs, and commissioning new turbine systems, among other responsibilities. By ensuring that turbines are running safely and efficiently, FSRs help to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and improve the overall performance of the turbine. It is vital to have a well-trained, experienced, and reliable FSR team to maintain the turbines and keep them running at optimal performance levels.

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